The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

If you are a Latinx leader, aspiring leader or student, I look forward in joining in an exchange of ideas and solutions. I’d like to focus on themes that really make a difference in the education leadership world.

Here is a quick item to discuss. I’ll share my thoughts and reflect on how the ideas impact our actions as we lead in K-12 schools.

Let’s move from seeing coding as the height of our technology programs. This in no way means that I am anti coding programs in K-12 schools. It is the idea that we might be caught keeping coding as the ceiling to the opportunities in technology we provide to our students.

College and Career Readiness is a priority for school districts; however, we must be careful that we do not feel a false sense of security into believing that Coding programs are the end all when it comes to technology opportunity. Coding programs are excellent skills that should be embedded into school curriculum beginning in the K of K-12 schools. But is coding the glass ceiling we should be concerned with? Are our students going to be globally competitive with coding programs alone?

Globally competitive and talented individuals are sought after by large technology organizations like Amazon, Apple, Dell etc… During this last quarter Amazon announced its opening in Crystal City a.k.a. National Landing, what I found interesting as I perused the current job vacancies was the fact that they moved to VA to meet the need of technology talent.

The job vacancy categories allow for a quick view their needs. One of the lowest number of job category vacancies was in Design with 314 vacancies. Software Development vacancies indicated that as of 12/20/2018, 6,804 were still in search of talented individuals to fill those positions.

As I consider Latinx individuals in technology, are we as leaders preparing our students for financially lucrative careers or are we limiting our students to lower paying, lower skill technology ceilings. Should we be considering apprenticeships and collaborating with technology companies that will help us to engage in solutions to increase a coordinated effort of technology talent?

Yours Truly,

Nancy Lewin, Ed.D.

ALAS Executive Director

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. I enjoyed the reading because it makes sense. Technology has its hands on everything. The interesting thing is that’s it’s universal. I believe Latinos have two worlds they can tap into if given the educational opportunity. Our teachers need to be trained and culturally diverse to teach our kids. That is a high mountain to climb. School leaders don’t select the best teachers. I have seen applicants that speak Spanish and English apply for a teacher’s position and don’t get hired. They pick applicants that don’t have the cultural awareness experience and language to educate our kids. As leaders we need to take advantage of recruiting those applicants with those experiences in language and cultural diversity.


    1. You reflective response is truly on point. People tend to hire people with whom they are most comfortable. Cultural awareness is extremely relevant in that you must have the skill along with the ability to connect. Thank you for your comment.


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